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JRCEEC activities have received financial support from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

June 2012—The National Science Foundation has awarded a new project ($99,994) to JRCEEC's Jie Zhuang (PI). This joint research initiative, with UT's Plant Science Department and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will focus on soil carbon sequestration in organic farming systems.

JRCEEC has received funding from NSF's Energy for Sustainability Program for a topical workshop "Barriers to Sustainable Photosynthetic Production of Biofuels" held September 28, 2011 at Purdue University. This workshop, organized by Purdue's Nate Mosier, was held immediately following the China-US 2011 Joint Symposium. The 2011 symposium, "Global Sustainability Issues in Energy, Climate, Water, and Environment" was held September 26-29, 2011. Sponsors include Purdue University and corporate sponsors Shell Oil Co., GreenTech America, and FuturaGene.

NSF's Environmental Sustainability Program ($47,860) and DOE's Office of Biological and Environmental Research ($49,860) sponsored JRCEEC's 2009 annual workshop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. NSF's Office of International Science and Engineering sponsored JRCEEC's 2008 workshop in Beijing. NSF funds have also helped finance production and publication of workshop proceedings and other follow-up activities to these workshops.

The National Science Foundation awarded $49,500 to the China-US Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change. The award funded a follow-up workshop to the September 2007 event to be held in October 2008 in Beijing. Representatives from ORNL, UT, and Purdue University will attend.

November 2007—ORNL and UT scientists travel to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hefei to visit CAS- affiliated institutes and universities on the topic of bioenergy (11 presentation across 14 days and multiple institutions). The US team also met with Zhang Jijun the Deputy General Manager, Research and Development Department, Bio-chemical and Bioenergy Division, Chinese Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO). COFCO is one of China’s largest food manufacturers and is ranked 405 in the Fortune Global 500. [Note: During the visit, Chinese bureau-level leadership expressed strong interest in developing a partnership with JIBS in the area of bioenergy research and development. High-level Chinese contact has been made with another US bioenergy center, however, to date no reciprocal contact has been established.]

September 2007—UT hosts "Environmental Aspects of Bioenergy Production and Sustainability: A Joint China-US Workshop." The event draws 17 key participants from China and 20 US participants from JIBS, ISSE, ORNL, UT, Heinz Center, and Purdue University.

October 2006—JIBS invites and UT-ORNL hosts the 10-member Strategic Research Planning delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

July 2006—Representatives of UT, ORNL, IGSNRR, and RCEES sign an agreement to establish the China-US Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change.