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China-U.S. Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change

picture of wall plaqueThrough an initiative launched in July of 2006, scientists from the University of Tennessee (UT) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have joined researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to establish the China-US Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change.

The JRCEEC, which occupies research facilities at UT/ORNL and CAS, addresses the combined effects of climate change and human activities on regional and global ecosystems and explores technologies for restoration of degraded environments.

News & Publications

Wen-Yi Dong, Xin-Yu Zhang, Xiao-Qin Dai, Xiao-Li Fu, Feng-Ting Yang, Xi-Yu Liu, Xiao-Min Sun, Xue-Fa Wen, and Sean Schaeffer. 2014. Changes in soil microbial community composition in response to fertilization of paddy soils in subtropical China. Applied Soil Ecology 84: 140–147


2017 Annual Workshop

The 2017 Annual Workshop will be held December 7-9, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, with the theme of “The Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems.” The workshop also is the first meeting of a new project, Food-Energy-Water Systems Transdisciplinary Environmental Research Network (FEWSTERN), which is jointly funded by US NSF and NSF of China. FEWSTERN was catalyzed by the 2016 annual workshop and represents an outcome of nearly 12 years of investment in US-China collaboration through the China-US Joint Research Center for Ecosystem and Environmental Change (JRCEEC).


In 2011 US-China EcoPartnership for Environmental Sustainability (USCEES) was established by the U.S. State Department with the primary focus of addressing environmental challenges that are common to both the United States and China.

New EcoPartnership logoThe U.S. State Department selected the University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Purdue University as participants in one of six new US-China EcoPartnerships. The partnerships will spur collaboration among US and Chinese researchers and focus on sustainability issues in the two nations, including the environmental challenges posed by alternative energy development and climate change. Read more about this exciting new opportunity.